Anyone who produces coolant mist and smoke knows the problems that arise if you don’t effectively capture and filter it. From oil puddles on machinery and floors to the blue haze across the plant, oil mist and smoke become maintenance issue. Oil residue is costly to clean up, may cause problems with equipment that are costly to repair.



What Are Fine Particulate Matters?
“Fine Particulate matters” are particles that float in the air with particle size less than 2.5 μm (Hereafter called as PM2.5)

Where Do Fine Particulate Matters Come From?
PM2.5 particles are created by nature and human behavior. Natural sources include volcanic eruptions and the earth’s crust rocks. Human behavior includes burning, such as petrochemical fuel, industrial discharge, and moving waste gases, etc. PM2.5 consists of various chemical materials. After photoreaction, it may create original organic carbon and regenerate organic carbon, elementary carbon, sulfuric acid, nitrate, and other ionic matters.




Till this day, manufacturing facilities are pointed out as being the main source of coolant mist, smoke and various air pollutant emissions. It not only impacts the environment around us, but also represents a threat to public health. With today’s collective awareness for sustainable development, we can create a cleaner, safer and greener place for tomorrow. The Air-O-Filter is going to help you in that endeavor. With its easy-to-install design, this system offers a cost-effective and low energy solution for greater working environment, meeting all regulatory and industry standards.